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###Deutsche e-mail Diplomacy Meisterschaft 2007
Date September 30, 2005 - November 15, 2007 Place
Tournament Director Andreas SAVELSBERG, Dirk HAMMANN Scoring System
Number of players 175 Number of rounds3 Number of boards44
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics
Tournament period first with two preliminary rounds and over two years: September 30, 2005 - November 2007 with 140 participants (including substitutes) in the 1st preliminary round and 112 participants in the 2nd preliminary round.

For the first time the DM 2006/07 was held over two years and according to a different mode. Instead of a preliminary round, there were two preliminary rounds with a total of 36 games, a semi-final round with 7 games and a final. Only solo winners and winners from the preliminary rounds qualified for the DM semi-finals. All DM2006/07 games including the final were played by autumn 1912. The following 7 ex-finalists from the DM2005 were placed for the semi-finals: Jochen Schulz, Julian Ziesing, Felix Schlesinger, Burkhard Pietsch, René van Rooijen, Moritz Wagner and Jan Badurczik. René van Rooijen did not take part any longer.

Tournament management: Andreas Savelsbergh, Ilo Krutz and Dirk Hammann.

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1R2R3Top Board
NameRankCountry playedSCs
1Marc JUNGER1England15
2Gerald KRAMES2Italy7
3Dennis KRUGER3Austria6
4Bernd GEROLD4Russia2
5Julian ZIESING4Turkey2
6Simon SCZODROK6Germany0
7Jan WEITZEL7France0
n.c.Dirk HAMMANN
n.c.Ilo KRUTZ
n.c.Burkhard PIETSCH
n.c.Andreas SAVELSBERG
n.c.Jochen SCHULZ
n.c.Moritz WAGNER
n.c.Julian ZIESING

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