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ManorCon 21 2003
Date July 19, 2003 Place Birmingham
Tournament Director Scoring System Manorcon
Number of players 52 Number of rounds3 Number of boards15
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RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1R2R3AwardBest Country
1Ivan WOODWARD96.939.6957.2117.75
2Yann CLOUET80.6442.1738.470.8
3Phil DAY76.9243.6513.9233.27
4Simon BOUTON75.647.0638.137.55
5Vick HALL63.867.8138.4725.38
6Dave WREATHALL63.742.3221.37
7Iain MCLELLAN57.2732.910.524.361
8Richard WILLIAMS57.1427.7628.5728.57
9Douglas MASSIE54.027.8229.6624.36
10Brian DENNEHY54.010.820.7433.27
11Mark WIGHTMAN49.2321.3727.8613.92
12Jeremy TULLETT44.7733.8810.890.6
13Demis HASSABIS41.4613.5227.940.9
14Thomas FRANKE39.5616.0323.530.5
15Emeric MISZTI36.4629.666.8
16James HARDY33.5233.52
17Paul CRIDLAND32.8216.030.616.79
18Keith SMITH30.74.985.3225.38
19Chetan RADIA28.1628.16
20Cyrille SEVIN24.747.0617.68
21Neil DUNCAN24.6324.63
22Dan LESTER21.517.753.75
23David PERCIK20.420.4
24Andrew GRECO19.9419.540.4
25John STRATFORD17.720.63.7513.97
26Simon HORNBY17.167.819.36
27William ATTIA16.8316.030.80.5
28Eve SMITH16.760.610.086.68
29Thomas SEBEYRAN15.023.4211.6
30Toby HARRIS13.86.037.77
31Shaun DERRICK11.311.3
32Fearghal O'DONNCHU10.664.985.670.7
33Sean MCGUINESS9.99.9
34Steve AGG9.64.555.05
35Andrew HARTLEY9.470.98.570.6
36Alan SHARPLES8.798.79
37David NORMAN7.853.854.01
38Gordon AICKIN7.777.77
39Keith RICHARDS7.
40Andrew WADE4.014.01
41Eric KNIBB3.893.89
42Nick PARISH3.853.85
43Geoff SIMMONS3.743.74
44Adam WILSON3.413.41
45Gihan BANDARANAIKE1.10.80.3
46Danny COLLMAN0.80.8
47Nigel PEPPER0.60.6
47Justin SADLER0.60.6
47Mark SHEIHAM0.60.6
50Mark STRETCH0.50.5
51Pete MASON0.40.4
52John COLLEDGE0.30.3

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