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MidCon 1982
Date November 1, 1982 Place Birmingham
Tournament Director Scoring System
Number of players 71 Number of rounds2 Number of boards19
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics
In November the second MidCon to be held at the Royal Angus Hotel in Birmingham was held, together with the National Diplomacy Championship. It was generally agreed that this was an overwhelming success, and I, for one, enjoyed the event even more than last year. The National Diplomacy Championships were won by an unknown 17 year-old, Nick Carter, who had just started his first postal game in Mad Policy. The MidCon quiz was won by the Blackmail team of Mike Woodhouse, Colin Gamble and Richard Walkerdine, while Paul Simpkins won the Les Pimley award for services to the hobby. MidCon also saw the conclusion of the Novice Package debate with Paul Simpkins handing the job over to John Wilman (editor) and Martin Le Fevre (printer). Paul will, however, continue to send out packages until the present batch runs out.

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1R2Best Country
1Nick CARTER1164571
2Dave DILLING1135657
3Will HAUGHAN1095059
4Pete NORTHCOTT996930
5Niall LITTON994257
6Steve JONES945737
7David MCRAITH943856
8Gary BOLTON931875
9Simon BILLENNESS924844
10Mike BENYON822854
11Paul LOCK805030
12Howard SAYLES763838
13Bill DOVE752946
14Marcus WATNEY744133
15Bob KENDRICK732251
16Frank DUNN733637
17Paul VANE725616
18Dave REDFERN725022
19Jeremy TULLETT712348
20Alan SHARPLES694128
21Brian DALTON685216
22Richard BASS681454
23Paul OAKES674423
24Adam HUBY663729
25Jim MILLS631152
26Jem CLARKE6161
27Richard YOUNG60600
28Guy THOMAS601743
29Peter MCDONALD583028
30Richard WRIGHT554411
31Bart HUBY54549
31David LONG54540
31Ken O'BRIEN544410
34Shaun DERRICK531538
35Gary PIPER533023
36Tony WHEATLEY521339
37Dave THOMAS51546
38Jem CLARK4949
39Tony MARCHESE49490
40Ian WINSTANLEY483018
41Shaun GOODWIN482721
42Judy LOCK47470
43Dave BOWLER472522
44John WILMAN452421
45Matthew HUNTBACH443410
46Steve HILLYARD43385
47Mark LIPTON42636
48Nigel HAWTHORN40355
49Günther BEDSON38-543
50Keith LAWLER37-542
51David WAGGETT36-541
52Nick ALLEN34295
52Pete ELDRIDGE34529
54Simon CONROY34628
55Carl BRITTAIN331221
56Paul DOUBLEDAY29245
57Mike ALLAWAY2525
58Steve GREGORY22175
59David CRICHTON21516
60Martin LE FEVRE20200
61Julien SHEPLEY16016
62Paul REEVES12-517
63Martyn HATHAWAY1111
64Andrew GLYNN11110
65Sandy FLEMING6-511
65Peter WALKER660
65Mike WATKINS66
68Keith SHAPLEY55
69Alec WINTON00
70Andy HEARD-5-5
70Lee PADDON-5-5

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