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Victorian Championships 1996
Date April 5-7, 1996 Place Melbourne
Tournament Director Ian VAN DER WERFF Scoring System KIS
Number of players 31 Number of rounds3 Number of boards11
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Bismark Cup 1996

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1R2R3
1Craig SEDGWICK51171717
2Richard ORME41151412
3Mark POLLINGER40111019
4Ken SPROAT341789
5Rob STEPHENSON3316017
6Andrew BUSHBY3161213
7Bill BROWN281810
8Tristan LEE264913
9David CURRELL255713
10Rohan KEANE211038
11Andrew GOFF191171
12Frank MEERBACH191531
13Ian VAN DER WERFF173131
14Gary BEKKER161033
15Michael RUSCHENA14437
16Dugal URE1212
17Phil ORME11191
18Andrew CHEEVERS11443
19Rodney NOBLE77
20Marcus SCHUTENKO514
21Peter ECKERSLEY514
22Jason WHITBY4004
23David MURNANE330
24Matt HASTINGS2110
25Min VUI VOON2110
26Peter DREW11
27Luke HOBAN11
28David BLOM0000
30Trevor O'SHANNESSY00
n.c.John CAIN19

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