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DipCon 22 (overall results) 1989
Date July 28-30, 1989 Place San Diego
Tournament Director Don DEL GRANDE Scoring System
Number of players 120 Number of rounds2 Number of boards?
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics
During this Dipcon, there are a lot of events.
4 major events : Individual, team, gunboat and variant
3 minor events : the trivia quiz, computer (playing against the original AH version for the IBM and TRS-80, which was so bad that the object of the tournament event was to get an 18-center win as quickly as possible), and the "mystery event"

Here, you can find the overall results of this DipCon. First round was the major points and the second was the minor points.

each major event scored 40 for first, 39 for second, and so on down to 1 for fourth; each player's top two major scores counted.
each minor event scored 20 for first down to 1 for 20th. Only awarded one place for the mystery event.

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RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1R2Best Country
1Edi BIRSAN927220
2Jeff MCKEE917615
3John GALT86.568.518
4Eric NEWHOUSE866818
5Nick BELIAEFF856916
6Steve COOLEY84.56717.5
7Hohn CHO84795
8Bill GALLAGHER786513
9Erik ADENSTEDT7661.514.5
10Eric ALDRICH75678
10Matt MCVEIGH755520
12Greg ELLIS746410
12Tim MOORE7459.514.5
14Jay SHUFELDT725913
15Gary BEHNEN71710
16Don WILLIAMS70700
17Steve GOLOB68680
18Nick MARKS64586
19Steve SMITH60.560.50
20Bob AUBE594019
21Ron CAMERON58.54117.5
22Randy GOLDRING55550
22Mike PINKERTON55550
24Phil BONCER52520
24Mark LEW523220
26Ken Jr GESTIEHR45.529.516
27Ron SPITZER44440
28Robert CHEEK38.138.10
29Lance ANDERSON38380
31Ken WOODRUFF37.137.10
32Larry CRONIN37334
33Susan WELTER36.536.50
34Chris VREM36360
35Peter WOODRUFF34340
36Vince LUTTERBIE33249
37Michael LEGG31310
38Eric HYMAN30.119.111
39Ed MENDERS271314
40Charlie OTTE25.118.17
41Harry MILLIKEN24240
42Cathy OZOG23230
43Vince LEAMONS22.5211.5
45David HOOD20200
46Russell FOX19190
47Fred DAVIS18018
48Clark REYNOLDS15123
49Tim MINNING12120
49Rod WALKER12012
51Dave MCCRUMB990
52Geoff RICHARD770
53Byron GUTIERREZ2.12.10
53Michael LEE2.12.10
53Dave VILLADSEN2.12.10
56Mike GEIFMAN000
56Chris HUNT000
56David MYERS000
56Brooke RAASCH000

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