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LinCon 2008
Swedish NDC
Date May 1-4, 2008 Place Linköping
Tournament Director Tage BENGTSSON, Dennis ANDERSSON Scoring System Rank
Number of players 22 Number of rounds4 Number of boards6
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics
Step of the following circuits
European Grand Prix 2008

Country Kind of Tournament

DateCountryName of the tournamentTypePlaceNbr PlayersNbr RoundsNbr BoardsFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.
2009-05-24LinCon 2009CUPLinköping1122Per NORMAN
2008-05-04LinCon 2008NDC/CUPLinköping2246Emmanuel DU PONTAVICE
2006-06-06LinCon 2006CUPLinköping1122Samuel JOHANSSON
2003-08-31Lincon 2003CUPLinköping35Vidar AMBROSIANI
2002-05-11LinCon 2002NDC/CUPLinköping4912Björn THALEN
2001-05-27LinCon 2001CUPLinköping379Per NORMAN
2000-06-04LinCon 2000NDC/CUPLinköping5219Per NORMAN
1999-05-24LinCon 1999CUPLinköping5514Leif BERGMAN
1998-05-24LinCon 1998CUPLinköping4710Henrik ANDERSSON
1997-05-19LinCon 1997CUPLinköping469Per DANNGARDE
1996-05-27LinCon 1996CUPLinköping48Per DANNGARDE
1995-06-05LinCon 1995CUPLinköping30Nicklas HJALMARSSON
1994-05-23Euro DipCon II 1994EDCLinköping120554Xavier BLANCHOT
1992-06-08LinCon 1992CUP/NDCLinköping933Niklas JANSSON
1991-05-19LinCon 1991CUPLinköping56Per NORMAN
1990-06-04LinCon VII 1990CUPLinköping59Johan SJOLANDER
1989-05-14LinCon VI 1989CUPLinköping497Henrik TONKIN
1988-05-22LinCon V 1988CUPLinköping28Johan MURMAN
1987-06-08LinCon IV 1987CUPLinköpingJakob HALLEN

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