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Virtual-Carnage 2020
Name of the tournament
Date November 6-8, 2020 Place Virtual Tournament - NewEngland Community
Tournament Director Dave MALETSKY Scoring System Carnage & Bangkok 2020
Number of players 50 Number of rounds5 Number of boards18
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics

Country Kind of Tournament

DateCountryName of the tournamentTypePlaceNbr PlayersNbr RoundsNbr BoardsFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.
2022-11-06World Diplomacy Championship Carnage 2022WDC/CUPFtF World Diplomacy Championship53425Dan LESTER
2021-11-06Dipcon 2021DIPCON/CUPContinental Championship - Vermont32312Adam SILVERMAN
2020-11-08Virtual-Carnage 2020CUPVirtual Tournament - NewEngland Community50518Bill HACKENBRACHT
2019-11-03Carnage 2019CUPkillington (vermount)2539Andrew KATCHER
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018CUPKillington33311Brad BLITSTEIN
2017-11-05Dipcon 2017DIPCON/CUPVermont50Doug MOORE
2016-11-06Carnage on the Mountain 2016CUPKillington Grand Resort38315Chris MARTIN
2015-11-08Carnage on the mountain 2015CUPKillington33312Jim O'KELLEY
2014-11-09Carnage on the mountain 2014CUPKillingtonBill HACKENBRACHT
2012-11-04Carnage on the mountain 2012CUPLake Moray1535Brad BLITSTEIN
2011-11-06DipCon 44 2011DIPCONLake Moray36313Chris MARTIN
2010-11-07Carnage on the mountain 2010CUPLake Moray2337Conrad WOODRING
2009-11-08Carnage on the mountain 2009CUPLake Moray1936Peter MCNAMARA
2008-11-09Carnage on the mountain 2008CUPLake Moray2739David MALETSKY
2007-11-04Carnage on the mountain 2007CUPLake Moray1836Graham WOODRING
2006-11-12Carnage on the mountain 2006CUPLake Moray1436Graham WOODRING
2005-11-13Carnage on the mountain 2005CUPLake Moray833Andrew NEUMANN
2004-11-07Carnage on the mountain 2004CUPLake Moray1935David MALETSKY
2003-10-26Carnage on the mountain 2003CUPLake Moray1144Melissa CALL (nee NICHOLSON)
2002-10-20Carnage on the mountain 2002CUPLake Moray1634Tom KOBRIN

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