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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2022-09-11European Diplomacy Championship 2022FtF Continental Championship - SionEDC/NDC15
2022-08-14Boston Massacre 2022FtF Tournament - BostonCUP16
2022-08-07United States Diplomacy Championship 2022IndianapolisNDC28
2022-07-30World Boardgaming Championships 2022Seven SpringsCUP20
2022-07-24n.c.Virtual Summer Classic 2022Virtual Tournament - World35
2022-07-10Cascadia Open 2022Surrey, BCCUP21
2022-06-11Origins 2022ColumbusCUP11
2022-05-29Dixie 2022Dixie FtF Championship - North CarolinaCUP28
2022-05-17n.c.Nexus Full Press Season 7 2022Correspondance Tournament - Nexus Communauty108
2022-05-01Dipcon Whipping 2022 FtF North American Championship - CaliforniaDIPCON40
2022-04-24Poppycon 2022FtF Diplomacy Tournament - Melbourne15
2022-03-31BPA e-mail Diplomacy 2022Correspondance Tournament - BPA community28
2022-03-20Championnat du monde francophone virtuel 2022Virtual Tournament - Communaute francophone22
2022-02-26n.c.DBN Invitational 2022Virtual Invitational TournamentMASTERS28
2022-01-29Virtual Cascadia 2022Virtual Tournament - British ColumbiaCUP35
2022-01-15n.c.Virtual Diplomacy League 2021Virtual League - World 84
2022-01-08League - ARMADA 2022League - Denver Colorado13
2021-12-31Ligue Francophone de Diplomacy Virtuelle 2021Virtual League - Communaute Francophone 40
2021-12-19n.c.Virtual Diplomacy Championship 2021Virtual Tournament - World CUP56
2021-12-11PAX Unplugged 2021PhiladelphiaCUP7
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