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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2006-01-01First Strike IV 2006CUP12
2006-01-01Gauteng Championships IV 2006JohannesburgCUP6
2005-12-28Trophée Ludopolys 2005RouenCUPTDF 12
2005-12-18DipLyon 2005LyonNCUPTDF 17
2005-12-17NK Voorronde Leeuwarden 2005LeeuwardenCUP16
2005-12-11MilanCon II 2005MilanNDCCISD EGP 37
2005-12-04GongCon 2005WollongongCUPBIS 15
2005-12-01WitsCon 2005CUP6
2005-11-19GenCon SoCal 2005AnaheimCUP17
2005-11-13Carnage on the mountain 2005Lake MorayCUP8
2005-11-13Joutes du Téméraire 2005NancyCUPTDF VCT 21
2005-11-13MidCon 2005BirminghamNDC10
2005-11-06BoruCon VI 2005DublinNDCEGP 7
2005-11-05Borås Spelkonvent 23 2005BoråsCUP7
2005-10-30BADAss Whipping 2005OaklandCUPNAGP WCS 24
2005-10-30XXIème Championnat de France 2005ParisNDCEGP TDF 123
2005-10-22Psychocon 2005HarrogateCUP7
2005-10-09DragonFlight 2005SeattleCUPNAGP WCS 18
2005-10-09NK Voorronde Utrecht 2005UtrechtCUP14
2005-10-09Tournoi de Reims 2005ReimsCUPTDF 30
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