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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2002-10-13Tempest in a teapot IV 2002WashingtonCUPESW NAGP 45
2002-10-06GermanDipCon VI 2002Waldkappel-GehauNDC45
2002-10-01ACT Championships 2002CanberraCUP11
2002-09-29Ière Coupe de Bruxelles 2002BruxellesCUP14
2002-09-28Clam Dip 2002SheltonCUP17
2002-09-28DiploCamp II 2002Sao PaoloCUP10
2002-09-26Jerusalem Sukot Convention II 2002JerusalemCUP15
2002-09-01Coupe de Paris - Etape 5 2002Paris, OstelenCUPCDP 18
2002-08-31Conquest 2002Palo AltoCUPNAGP 33
2002-08-25DragonFlight 2002SeattleCUPNAGP 34
2002-08-18CanCon 2002ScarboroughCUP7
2002-08-16Mind Sports Olympiad 2002Loughborough University, LoughboroughCUP7
2002-08-04World Boardgaming Championships 2002BaltimoreCUPESW NAGP 50
2002-08-03Bacchus Dip 2002AmityCUP7
2002-07-28Euro DipCon X 2002LundEDCEGP SDR 43
2002-07-27Ropecon 2002EspooCUP
2002-07-21NK Voorronde Utrecht 2002UtrechtCUP29
2002-07-14Auckland Championship 2002AucklandCUPBIS 16
2002-07-07Coupe de Paris - Etape 4 2002Paris, OstelenCUPCDP 9
2002-07-07Origins 2002ColumbusCUPNAGP 31
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