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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
1999-11-28The Don Challenge Cup 1999MelbourneCUPBIS 31
1999-11-20XVème Championnat de France 1999Boulogne-BillancourtNDC
1999-11-07Borås Spelkonvent 17 1999BoråsNDC/CUPSDR 38
1999-11-07MidCon 1999BirminghamNDC35
1999-11-02Seattle Diplomacy Open 1999SeattleCUPNAGP 14
1999-11-01Tempest in a teapot I 1999WashingtonCUPNAGP 22
1999-10-17WettCon 1999JönköpingCUPSDR 17
1999-10-03ACT Championships 1999CanberraCUPBIS 28
1999-10-01Diplomatic Incident 1999BostonOPENNAGP 12
1999-08-29New Zealand Championships 1999AucklandNDCBIS 35
1999-08-25DragonFlight 1999SeattleCUPNAGP 26
1999-08-21Mind Sports Olympiad 1999 Kensington Olympia, LondonCUP14
1999-08-01World Boardgaming Championships 1999BaltimoreCUPNAGP 56
1999-07-18Queensland Championships 1999BrisbaneCUPBIS 9
1999-07-01Euro DipCon VII 1999TurkuEDC67
1999-07-01ManorCon 17 1999BirminghamCUP69
1999-06-28Dixie 13 1999Chapel HillCUPNAGP 29
1999-06-14New South Wales Championships 1999SydneyCUPBIS 23
1999-06-01DipCon 32 1999ColumbusDIPCONNAGP 37
1999-05-24LinCon 1999LinköpingCUPSDR 55
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