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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
1997-11-01MidCon 1997BirminghamNDC42
1997-10-19XIIIème Championnat de France 1997Boulogne-BillancourtNDC97
1997-08-31DipCon 30 1997SeattleDIPCON31
1997-08-10GenCon Milwaukee 1997MilwaukeeCUP
1997-08-03Stockon 1997StockholmCUPSDR 23
1997-08-03World Boardgaming Championships 1997BaltimoreCUP46
1997-07-27Queensland Championships 1997BrisbaneCUPBIS 11
1997-07-22Dixie 11 1997Chapel HillCUP28
1997-07-21ManorCon 15 1997BirminghamCUP102
1997-07-20Manorcon Intimate Diplomacy 1997BirminghamCUP16
1997-07-20Origins 1997ColumbusCUP
1997-06-09New South Wales Championships 1997SydneyCUPBIS 16
1997-06-01Open Télécom 1997EvryCUP48
1997-05-19LinCon 1997LinköpingCUPSDR 46
1997-05-11SydCon 1997LundNDC/CUPSDR 54
1997-05-01Brittany Cup 1997BrestCUP22
1997-05-01Championnat d'Ile-de-France par étapes 1997Paris areaCUP98
1997-04-15Open ENS 1997ParisCUP23
1997-04-01Open Diplomacy Dauphine 1997ParisCUP52
1997-03-30Victorian Championships 1997MelbourneCUPBIS 34
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