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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
1997-01-01CalCon 1997KalmarCUP
1997-01-01Cangames 1997OttawaCUP
1997-01-01För-VM 1997CUPSDR 14
1997-01-01IIIème Inter-écoles 1997ParisNCUP49
1997-01-01Masters de Diplomacy 1996MASTERS26
1997-01-01Open ESIEA 1997ParisCUP35
1997-01-01RegnCon 5 1997BergenCUP7
1997-01-01SpeccyCon 1997BasingstokeCUP
1997-01-01Stratagem 1997CalgaryNDC
1996-12-01Coupe des Hauts-de-Seine 1997ChatenayCUP38
1996-12-01Nederland Kampioenschap 1996NDC7
1996-11-24The Don Challenge Cup 1996MelbourneCUPBIS 21
1996-11-09Mid Con Trophy 1996BirminghamOPEN12
1996-11-09MidCon 1996BirminghamNDC50
1996-11-03Borås Spelkonvent 14 1996BoråsCUPSDR 27
1996-11-02UppCon 1996UppsalaCUPSDR 43
1996-11-01Coupe de Seine-Saint-denis 1997Saint-DenisCUP30
1996-10-19PentaCon VII 1996CUP/NDC
1996-10-07ACT Championships 1996CanberraCUPBIS 19
1996-10-01Coupe de France 1996Boulogne-BillancourtNCUP44
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