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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
1993-09-11Northampton 1993NorthamptonCUP7
1993-09-05DipCon 26 1993San MateoDIPCON77
1993-09-05Trophée de la Brie 1993Roissy-en-BrieCUP50
1993-09-04London Trophy 1993LondresCUP21
1993-08-29Grand Prix d'Aix-en-Provence 1993Aix-en-provenceCUP24
1993-08-28StakisCon 1993NottinghamCUP7
1993-08-22Maroubra Classic 1993MaroubraCUPBIS 28
1993-08-22Östra Konventet 1993BålstaCUPSDR 30
1993-08-21SunCon 1993SunderlandCUP14
1993-08-15World Boardgaming Championships 1993BaltimoreCUP71
1993-08-08CanCon 1993CUP13
1993-07-27Manorcon Intimate Diplomacy 1993BirminghamCUP8
1993-07-26ManorCon 11 1993BirminghamCUP111
1993-07-11South Hampshire 1993FarehamCUP14
1993-07-04Ière Coupe des Pays de la Loire 1993AngersCUP23
1993-07-04Origins 1993DallasCUP28
1993-07-03StabCon 1993ManchesterCUP7
1993-06-27Arcon IX 1993OsloNDC49
1993-06-27DiplomacyMästerskapen 1993StockholmNDC/CUPSDR 30
1993-06-27IVème Championnat d'Ile-de-France 1993Neuilly-sur-Seine, Collège André MauroyCUP70
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