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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
1992-09-07???Pacificon 1992FtF Tournament - San Francisco (San Mateo)
1992-09-07DipCon 25 1992Kensas CityDIPCON31
1992-09-06Euro Diplomate 1992ParisEDC87
1992-08-27IIème Coupe de France 1992Villeneuve d'AscqNCUP36
1992-08-16Fantastika 1992StockholmCUPSDR SMID 34
1992-08-02CanCon 1992TorontoCUP18
1992-08-02World Boardgaming Championships 1992BaltimoreCUP70
1992-08-01Dala-Dippen 1992BorlängeCUPSDR 28
1992-07-26???PeeryCon 1992FtF Tournament - San DiegoCUP
1992-07-19ManorCon 10 1992BirminghamCUP117
1992-07-12Dixie 06 1992Chapel HillCUP43
1992-07-06VIIème Championnat de France 1992MontpellierNDC45
1992-07-01Atlanticon 1992BaltimoreCUP21
1992-06-28Arcon VIII 1992OsloNDC49
1992-06-08LinCon 1992LinköpingCUP/NDCSDR 93
1992-06-01AvCon 1.0 1992StockholmCUPSMID 15
1992-06-01New South Wales Championships 1992SydneyCUPBIS 35
1992-05-01IIIè Congrès des traîtres 1991Levallois-PerretCUP30
1992-04-20Victorian Championships 1992VictoriaCUPBIS 46
1992-04-19GothCon XVI 1992GöteborgCUPSDR 70
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