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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
1990-10-08South Australian Championships 1990AdélaïdeCUP29
1990-10-01UppCon 1990UppsalaCUPSDR 28
1990-09-30Vème Championnat du Nord-Pas de Calais 1990Villeneuve d'AscqCUP56
1990-09-28Österreich Meisterschaft Voorunde-2 1990WienNDC14
1990-09-16NaoCon 1990VästerhaningeCUPSDR 14
1990-09-03Pacificon 1990San MateoCUP
1990-09-01NK Voorronde Amsterdam 1990AmsterdamCUP35
1990-08-01CanCon 1990TorontoCUP
1990-07-01Atlanticon 1990BaltimoreCUP21
1990-07-01Origins 1990AtlantaCUP85
1990-06-24Arcon VI 1990OsloNDCSDR 49
1990-06-24World DipCon II 1990Chapel HillWDC/DIPCON103
1990-06-11New South Wales Championships 1990SydneyCUP53
1990-06-04LinCon VII 1990LinköpingCUPSDR 59
1990-06-01ManorCon 08 1990BirminghamCUP115
1990-06-01NK Voorronde Groningen 1990GroningenCUP
1990-05-26Österreich Meisterschaft Voorunde-1 199014
1990-04-16Victorian Championships 1990MelbourneCUP53
1990-04-15GothCon XIV 1990GöteborgCUPSDR 49
1990-04-01OernCon 1990ÖrnsköldsvikCUPSDR 12
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