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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
1983-10-01NK Voorronde Leyde 1983LeydeCUP28
1983-08-21GenCon Milwaukee 1983University of Wisconsin ParksideCUP
1983-07-31PeeriCon III 1983San DiegoCUP
1983-07-17DipCon 16 1983DetroitDIPCON118
1983-07-15Origins Gunboat 1983DetroitCUP49
1983-07-01ManorCon 01 1983BirminghamCUP68
1983-02-06NK Voorronde Groningen 1983GroningenCUP28
1983-01-01MidCon 1983BirminghamNDC64
1983-01-01Tournoi Vortigern 1983ParisCUP10
1982-12-18Nederland Kampioenschap 1982NDC7
1982-11-01MidCon 1982BirminghamNDC71
1982-10-31NK Voorronde Den Haag 1982Den HaagCUP14
1982-08-22GenCon Milwaukee 1982University of Wisconsin ParksideCUP
1982-07-25DipCon 15 1982BaltimoreDIPCON161
1982-07-25PeeriCon II 1982San DiegoCUP42
1982-04-01ManorCon 00 1982BirminghamCUP42
1982-01-03GothCon VI 1982GöteborgCUP
1982-01-02SydCon 1982LundCUP
1981-12-12Nederland Kampioenschap 1981UtrechtNDC7
1981-08-16GenCon Milwaukee 1981MilwaukeeCUP35
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