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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2019-11-10Midcon 2019LeicesterNDC8
2019-10-06MaccCon Autumn 2019MacclesfieldCUP14
2019-03-03MaccCon Spring 2019MacclesfieldCUP15
2017-07-09World DipCon XXVII 2017OxfordWDC84
2015-11-15MidCon 2015DerbyNDCBRIT EGP 9
2015-08-28Mind Sports Olympiad 2015Jewish Community Centre London, LondonCUP
2015-07-19Euro DipCon XXIII 2015LeicesterEDCBRIT EGP 38
2015-06-21Yorkshire DipCon 2015University of HullCUPBRIT 12
2014-11-09MidCon 2014DerbyNDCBRIT 8
2014-08-17Mind Sports Olympiad 2014Jewish Community Centre London, LondonCUP
2014-07-20ManorCon 32 2014LeicesterCUPBRIT EGP 8
2014-06-22Yorkshire DipCon 2014University of HullCUPBRIT 11
2013-11-10MidCon 2013DerbyNDCBRIT 14
2013-08-24Mind Sports Olympiad 2013University of London Union, LondonCUP
2013-07-20ManorCon 31 2013LeicesterCUPBRIT EGP 8
2012-11-11MidCon 2012DerbyNDCBRIT 8
2012-08-0Mind Sports Olympiad 2012University of London Union, LondonCUP
2012-07-23ManorCon 30 2012LeicesterCUPBRIT EGP 9
2012-04-15Kent Kon I 2012KentCUPBRIT 12
2011-11-13Euro DipCon XIX 2011DerbyEDC/NDCBRIT EGP 33
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