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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2006-02-14Valentine's Day Massacre 2006CUP7
2006-01-01First Strike IV 2006CUP12
2006-01-01Gauteng Championships IV 2006JohannesburgCUP6
2005-12-01WitsCon 2005CUP6
2005-02-14Valentine's Day Massacre 2005CUP6
2005-01-01First Strike III 2005CUP10
2004-09-19Gauteng Schools 2004St Enda's Secondary SchoolCUP9
2004-08-08KwaZulu Natal Schools 2004PietermaritzburgCUP7
2004-03-07Gauteng Championships II 2004JohannesburgCUP8
2004-01-01First Strike II 2004CUP12
2003-07-27SA Schools Championships 2003JohannesburgNDC5
2003-05-04SA DipCon I 2003JohannesburgNDC13
2003-02-23Gauteng Championships I 2003JohannesburgCUP7
2003-01-19Old Edwardian/St Enda's Eagles Championships 2003JohannesburgCUP15
2003-01-01First Strike I 2003CUP7
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