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Diplo d'Oc 2013
Date March 9, 2013 Place Montpellier, Baraka Jeux
Tournament Director Le´ S──RLAINEN, Edouard PECQUEUX Scoring System Top Chrono
Number of players 8 Number of rounds2 Number of boards2
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
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Tour de France 2013

Bianca A.

Round 1 Board 1
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaGwen MAGGI7 c.51
EnglandEdouard PECQUEUX7 c.51
FranceBalthazar A.7 c.51
GermanyLaurent JOLY3 c.31.5
ItalyStÚphane VIGLIELMO4 c.36
RussiaFabrice AUGIER1 c.18
TurkeyBianca A.5 c.39

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