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CoBra 02 2002
Date April 7-8, 2002 Place Campinas
Tournament Director Scoring System
Number of players 10 Number of rounds4 Number of boards4
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics


List of won awards
Name (Rank)
Meilleur Diplomate (1)

List of best countries
RankCountryRound / BoardSCsScore
1GermanyR3 B18c.20
1ItalyR1 B111c.35

Round 1 Board 1
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaGrahal BENATTI0 c.1
EnglandMarcelo MANFRINATI0 c.1
FranceFlávio RAMOS11 c.35
GermanyTiago TOMAZI4 c.8
ItalyJosé GUILHERME11 c.35
RussiaWolfgang LENK5 c.13
TurkeyJoao Sebastiao DE OLIVEIRA BUENO3 c.6
Round 2 Board 1
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaTiago TOMAZI3 c.6
EnglandCristiano RESTITUTTI10 c.42
FranceJosé GUILHERME8 c.20
GermanyMarcelo MANFRINATI0 c.1
ItalyFlávio RAMOS3 c.6
RussiaSamuel Sol SANTOS2 c.4
TurkeyGrahal BENATTI8 c.20
Round 3 Board 1
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaFlávio RAMOS2 c.5
EnglandTiago TOMAZI11 c.43
FranceJoao Sebastiao DE OLIVEIRA BUENO8 c.20
GermanyJosé GUILHERME8 c.20
ItalySamuel Sol SANTOS0 c.1
RussiaClaus ARANHA0 c.1
TurkeyCristiano RESTITUTTI5 c.9
Round 4 Board 1
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaCristiano RESTITUTTI2 c.5
EnglandWolfgang LENK8 c.24
FranceTiago TOMAZI11 c.43
GermanyFlávio RAMOS0 c.1
ItalyGrahal BENATTI1 c.3
RussiaJoao Sebastiao DE OLIVEIRA BUENO5 c.9
TurkeyJosé GUILHERME7 c.15

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