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GothCon XVII 1993
Date April 1, 1993 Place G÷teborg
Tournament Director Bj÷rn VON KNORRING Scoring System
Number of players 75 Number of rounds? Number of boards?
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
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Step of the following circuits
Swedish Diplomacy Rally 1993
1p/sc. The three largest powers got a bonus equal to the total difference between each of them and also between them and the 4th.

Results from the B-final
Austria Roland ISAKSSON 10
France Joakim SPANGBERG 7
England Kristoffer HELLSTRAND 5
Germany Pontus JOAKIMSSON 5
Russia Carl-Magnus HOGLUND 4
Italy Leon LINDBACK 2
Turkey Jorgen NILSSON 1


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