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Dixie 20 2006
Date May 26-28, 2006 Place Chapel Hill
Tournament Director David HOOD Scoring System Draw
Number of players 30 Number of rounds3 Number of boards10
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North American Grand Prix 2006


Round 1 Board 4
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScoreDraw
AustriaCorey MASON10 c. D3
EnglandJim HACKER0 c. L
FranceSteve KOEHLER12 c. D3
GermanyJeff LADD0 c. L
ItalyAaron DIXON0 c. L
RussiaChris BARFIELD0 c. L
TurkeyDavid MALETSKY12 c. D3
Round 2 Board 3
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScoreDraw
AustriaDavid MALETSKY11 c. D3
EnglandTyler MOLLENKOPF9 c. D3
FranceTodd CRAIG0 c. L
GermanyJim HACKER0 c. L
ItalyEdwin TURNAGE0 c. L
RussiaBrian SHELDEN2 c. L
TurkeyCorey MASON12 c. D3

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