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Borucon VII 2006
Date August 25-27, 2006 Place Dublin
Tournament Director Brian O'FARRELL Scoring System C-Diplo modified
Number of players 9 Number of rounds3 Number of boards3
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics
Step of the following circuits
European Grand Prix 2006
1st on a table 20 pts
2nd on a table 15 pts
3rd on a table 10 pts
4th on a table 5 pts

1 point per sc at game end.
1 point for playing a game.
2 points per year survived.

3 rounds were played, all to fall 1907. Scoring was 2 best rounds and 50% of worst round.


Round 1 Board 1
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaStig ANDERSEN5 c.27.5
EnglandHugh MCGUINESS7 c.37
FranceBrian O'FARRELL14 c.49
GermanyLiam O TAILLIUIR0 c.9
ItalyVincent CARRY0 c.13
RussiaEmmanuel DU PONTAVICE3 c.18
TurkeyPadraic O CONFHAOLA5 c.27.5
Round 2 Board 1
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScore
AustriaHugh MCGUINESS0 c.13
EnglandEmmanuel DU PONTAVICE11 c.41
FranceVincent CARRY13 c.48
GermanyStig ANDERSEN0 c.7
ItalyJim WALSH2 c.22
RussiaLiam O TAILLIUIR0 c.13
TurkeyBrian O'FARRELL8 c.33

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