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Win Tier System
AuthorDave Maletsky Kind of systemRank + Center Count

Three rounds.
All rounds count.
A player is eligible for awards even if they only play one round.

Games are DIAS (draws include all survivors)
Players may vote to end the game in a draw, or concede to a solo victory.

All rounds have no ending time limit. Each board keeps its own time, no central clock. If a game continues into the next round, all players on that board must play two games or forfeit the next round (i.e., rounds will not be held for this particular reason).

Players on a board with a solo victor score no points. The winner goes up a tier.

All other games are scored by a combination of relative position, and center count, as follows:

1st position - 7000 points
2nd position - 6000 points
3rd position - 5000 points
4th position - 4000 points
5th position - 3000 points
6th position - 2000 points
7th position - 1000 points
Each center held at game end - 1 point

Position is determined by center count at game end. For players that were eliminated, position is determined by order of elimination (e.g., players eliminated in the same game year tie for the position in question).

Tied positions will split the average -- i.e., two people tied for 1st position get 6500 points apiece.

At the end of the tournament, players will be ranked as follows:

1 - Tier 3 players (i.e., players who soloed all 3 rounds)
2 - Tier 2 players, by point total
3 - Tier 1 players, by point total
4 - Tier 0 players, by point total

In the event of ties, strength of opposition (as determined by final tournament rankings) will be the tiebreaker.

Contact David Maletsky at for any questions... more to come soon!

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