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Other scoring system

AuthorDavid Hood/Mike Lowry Kind of systemDraw + Center Count
Win 270 points
2nd place: 70 points
3rd place: 50 points
4th place: 34 points
5th place: 20 points
6th place: 10 points
7th place: 0 points

Plus 4 points a center. Including centers in a win.
Draws and ties for position split the points for places involved. Example: two people are eliminated in the same year and share 5th and 6th place. They each get 10 + 20 = 30/2 = 15 points. If they had survived the game with one center, they'd get 19 points each
(15 points as above plus 4 points for the center).

draws work the same way. A 4-way scores as 270+70+50+34 = 424/4 = 106
points each plus centers. For a 17-10-4-3 draw, this would be 174-146 -

One feature of this is that parties in a win still score points based on place and centers.

Examples in a scores:
Win with 18 centers = 342
Second place with 16 centers = 134
Three way with 1 center = 134
Four way with 7 centers = 134
Five way with 11 centers = 132.8

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