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WBC Yerkey System
AuthorJim Yerkey Kind of systemDraw + Center Count
1. Supply Center Points: Each player receives one point for each supply center owned when the game ends. A solo win via concession will receive credit for 18 centers although the player may have as few as 15 centers (see section #5 below).
2. Bonus Points: Each player will receive bonus points based on his participation in a win or draw, as follows:

Win - 46 Points
2 Way Draw - 22 Points
3 Way Draw - 10 Points
4 Way Draw - 4 Points
5 Way Draw - l Point
6 or 7 way draws- Zero

3. Tie Breaker: In the case of a tie, we will calculate the involved players' average number of supply centers per game year. The player with the highest average wins the tie.
4. Game Ending Negotiations - Draws include all survivors. Players may vote
themselves out of a draw if they wish.
5. Concessions: - A game may be conceded only to the player with the most supply centers on the board - 15 centers minimum. A concession vote must be unanimous of all active players (positions in CD are not considered active).
6. Victory Criteria: We will be using a victory criteria of 18 supply centers at the end of the Fall adjustment phase. Or players may vote an unanimous concession per section #5 above.
7. Reporting of Results: The Tournament Director will not comment on nor make
public the results of each game and round until the awards are given out at the end of the Tournament. It is common and unpreventable for players to disseminate information, both true and false, on game results. Off board manipulation is traditionally part of the BPA experience.

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