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AvalonCon 1992
AuthorJim Yerkey Kind of systemDraw + Center Count
Each player gets their supply center count plus a bonus as follows:

Win 15 points
2 way draw 7 points
3 way draw 4 points
4 way draw 1 point
No bonus for 5-6-7 way draws.

Votes are measured by centers owned
29 centers are required to pass a vote to draw or concede
Concessions may be made only to the player with the most centers (15 center minimum)

Time factor:
done locally 20 minutes for turns, 5 minutes for reading orders and 10 minutes for builds.
games can only go 6 to 6 1/2 hours
when the game is called players have 15 minutes to vote a conclusion.
However, any player who can prove that they can win in one move is given the option to make it happen by making the moves to win and then all the other players would be asked to make their moves with full knowledge of the player's moves to see if they could stop the win.

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