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Conquest Sum of Rankings
AuthorEdi Birsan Kind of systemRank
Each round (3 of them) is scored using a different world class scoring system.
The players are then ranked in the Round based on their results in that system.
The best two rankings are then taken for each player and the results made into a master ranking to see who won.

in 2008 the systems were:

Round 1: C-Diplo Round
Games played to 1907.
1 point for playing
38 points for coming in first in center count
14 points for coming in second in center count
3 points for coming third in center count.
1 point per supply center.
Victor gets 100 points everyone else gets –0-

Round 2: Sum of the Squares method
Final supply center count is used,
Games end in 1909
The Square of each individual supply center count is summed.
Your Ratio of the total supply centers is your score.
Winner gets score of a max of 18 centers

Round 3: Whipping System
Game ends at 1909 or at time end
5 points for being a newbie and having played in the mentor round
1 point per center with a minimum of 4
6 points divided amongst the draw participants or given to the winner.
1 point per difference between the #1 and #2 player (ties get no bonus).
Winner gets points based on an 18 center win if more than 18 centers only.

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