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C-Diplo 100
AuthorBruno-André Giraudon Kind of systemRank
  • If there is a solo.
    The player who solos (has 18 centers or more) scores 100 points. The other player score no point.

  • If there is no solo.
    - Each player scores 1 point for participated.
    - Each player scores 1 point per centre owned.
    - The player who has the most centres scores 38 points.
    - The second player who has the most centres scores 14 points.
    - The Third player who has the most centres scores 7 points.

    In case of tied, the players shared the points given for the rank.

    The sum of the score of players is 100.

    CountryNb centresScore
    Austia4 c.1+4=5
    England0 c.1+0=1
    France9 c.1+9+38=48
    Germany7 c.1+7+(14+7)/2=18.5
    Italy7 c.1+7+(14+7)/2=18.5
    Russia3 c.1+3=4
    Turkey4 c.1+4=5
    Total34 c.100
    CountryNb centresScore
    Austria5 c.1+5+(7)/2=9.5
    England9 c.1+9+38=48
    France4 c.1+4=5
    Germany5 c.1+5+(7)/2=9.5
    Italy3 c.1+3=4
    Russia1 c.1+1=2
    Turkey7 c.1+7+14=22
    Total34 c.100

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