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Sandard (6)
Number of boards34 First game played2004
Number of boards (Tournament)34 Number of boards (League)0
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Number of boards34Number of boards (Tournament)34Number of boards (League)0
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Victory :
/ 2 34 boards played
DateCountryName of the eventRound / BoardAustriaEnglandFranceGermanyItalyRussia
2012-12-02XXVIIIème Championnat de France 2012R4/B21612381
2012-12-02XXVIIIème Championnat de France 2012R4/B11061752
2012-04-15Anjou Feu VIII 2012R2/B21285213
2012-04-15Anjou Feu VIII 2012R2/B110209010
2007-07-08Vè Open du FLIP 2007R2/B31656310
2007-07-08Vè Open du FLIP 2007R2/B2255199
2007-07-08Vè Open du FLIP 2007R2/B107010140
2007-04-08Anjou Feu III 2007R3/B1509935
2006-12-27Trophée Ludopolys 2006R2/B23007138
2006-12-27Trophée Ludopolys 2006R2/B1995008
2006-12-27Trophée Ludopolys 2006R1/B210131160
2006-12-27Trophée Ludopolys 2006R1/B1084757
2006-05-07Ier Open de Gardanne 2006R1/B1527655
2006-03-05Marathon diplomatique du Roi René 2 2006R3/B1863635
2005-12-28Trophée Ludopolys 2005R2/B21566112
2005-12-28Trophée Ludopolys 2005R2/B1635773
2005-09-24Anjou Feu I 2005R1/B210104070
2005-09-24Anjou Feu I 2005R1/B10166162
2005-09-11Coupe du Dragon 2005R2/B320101090
2005-09-11Coupe du Dragon 2005R2/B2369337
2005-09-11Coupe du Dragon 2005R2/B10430816
2005-09-11Coupe du Dragon 2005R1/B3718780
2005-09-11Coupe du Dragon 2005R1/B21268320
2005-09-11Coupe du Dragon 2005R1/B1944581
2005-01-04Championnat de Québec 2005R1/B23083710

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