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New Zealand
Number of tournaments34Number of boards played305Number of players179
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The tournaments year after year
YearNbr of tournamentsAverage number of playersNbr PlayersThe biggest tournament
201611212Tango in Taupo 2016 (12)
20112711New Zealand Championships 2011 (7)
201029.514Auckland Championship 2010 (10)
2009211.517Auckland Championship 2009 (16)
200811111Auckland Championship 2008 (11)
200638.6713Waikato Open 2006 (9)
200527.512New Zealand Championships 2005 (8)
2004310.6720Waikato Open 2004 (15)
2003213.519Auckland Championship 2003 (16)
2002411.2522Auckland Championship 2002 (16)
200151842Waikato Open 2001 (23)
2000421.547New Zealand Championships 2000 (37)
199923147New Zealand Championships 1999 (35)
199813030New Zealand Championships 1998 (30)

The five biggest tournaments
DateName of the tournamentNbr Players
2000-10-23New Zealand Championships 200037
1999-08-29New Zealand Championships 199935
1998-08-23New Zealand Championships 199830
1999-02-28Waikato Open 199927
2001-02-25Waikato Open 200123

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