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Open Télécom
Number of tournaments known4 Average number of players39.5
First tournament known1996 The biggest number of players48 (1997)
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Number of tournaments known4Average number of players39.5The biggest number of players48 (1997)
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The prize list

FirstName LastNameNat.1st2nd3rdPodium
Baptiste MOREL1--1
Vinh-Long LOI1--1
Marc HALARD1--1
Pierre-Etienne DEUTSCH1--1
Benoît CLERGEOT-1-1
Yves CARLIER-1-1
Yann CLOUET-1-1
Roelof VAN DER LAAN-1-1
Thomas SEBEYRAN--11
Miguel MARTINEZ--11
Stephane DERDI--11
Frédéric AUZENDE--11


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