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Another kind of tournament

BADAss Whipping
Number of tournaments known12 Average number of players29.7
First tournament known2004 The biggest number of players50 (2021)
From to
Number of tournaments known12Average number of players29.7The biggest number of players50 (2021)
Individual prize list Participation to tournaments The annual participation
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The prize list

FirstName LastNameNat.1st2nd3rdPodium
Joshua SHANK3--3
Andrew NEUMANN11-2
Nathan BARNES11-2
Eric MEAD1-34
Edi BIRSAN1--1
Daniel BYARS1--1
Carl NELSON1--1
Jason MASTBAUM1--1
Timothy JAXON1--1
Condy CREEK-3-3
Andrew GOFF-112
Chris BRAND-112
Matt SHIELDS-1-1
Matt CRILL-1-1
Doug MOORE-1-1
Darin LEVILOFF-1-1
Everett TISHLER-1-1
Jake MANNIX--11
Adam SIGAL--11
Alex AMANN--11
Steve ROSS--11
Andy HULL--11
Nicholas DELATEUR--11
Katie GRAY--11


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