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Coupe de France par équipe 2007
by Laurent Joly

During the Round The Results

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During the Round

The tournament takes place in the University Dauphine.

Simon Gauchot and Nicolas Ripoche are on Board 3.

Druk Dzongkha and Didier Quirin are negotiating together.

Alexandre Fondu and Miguel Martinez.

So what happens here? (Board 7)

This is the Beer Fest!

Philippe Dumay looks at his board (board 2).

David Thomae, Simon Gauchot, Vincent Carry, Alexis Pain, Thomas Guillais are on board 3.

Philippe Clavaud are waiting for the orders of Christophe Hoareau.

Frédéric Chapart seems happy!

Julien Dadone, Vincent Dias de Almeida, Alexandre Godfroy and Alexandre Pignon are on board 4.

On board 6, Didier Quirin, Fabien Grellier, Pikaciette and Druk Dzongkha.

Chritophe Perrot seems happy to finish second of his board.

The Results

There are more beers than cups!

And now, the results... Emmanuel du Pontavice gives the medals and cups.

Les pygmées Massaï finished third.
From left to right : Alexis Pain, Vincent Dias De Almeida, Arnaud Daina, Fabien Grellier and Philippe Clavaud.

So what happen guys???

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