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Masters de Diplomacy 2006
by Laurent Joly

During the Round 1 During the Round 2

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During the Round 1

Frédéric Chapart and Philippe Clavaud.

Jacques-Henri Strauss and Alexandre Godfroy.

Fabien Grellier is writing his orders.

Philippe Clavaud and Arnaud Daina are negociated.

The terribles Simon Gauchot and Louis-Clément Azaïs.

Lei Saarlainen looks at the board between Gwen Maggi and Alexis Pain.

Heat 1 Board 1

The second board, with Philippe Clavaud, Arnaud Daina, Alexandre Godfroy, Jacques-Henri Strauss, Fabien Grellier, Frédéric Chapart and Louis-Clément Azaïs.

Heat 1 Board 2

During the Round 2

From left to right : Jacques-Henri Strauss, Alexis Pain, Gwen Maggi, Alexandre Godfroy, Fabien Grellier and Philippe Dumay.

Everybody seems happy.

Lei Saarlainen, the Tournament Director.

Philippe need to pay attention to Simon Gauchot (aka Mister Stab).

Louis-Clément Azaïs is negotiating with Florent Lepeytre.

And during this time, Emmanuel du Pontavice are negotiating with Christophe Couturier.

Everybody are negotiating, but not so far from the board.

Lei is arrived. Now, it's the time to write your orders.

On the other board, it's now the time to write too.

Around the board, from left to right : Simon Gauchot, Frédéric Chapart, Florent Lepeytre, Philippe Clavaud, Emmanuel du Pontavice and Christophe Couturier.

Lei looks at everything.

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