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Prezcon 2007

Day 1 : Friday
Day 2 : Saturday
Day 3 : Sunday
We are waiting for the results Best Countries Awards And the winner is ...

We are waiting for the results

There are some other dip players in the prezcon as Dan Matthias.

Everybody's waiting for the results.

It's finished for the second board (lunch and game).

"Steve? It's Tim, I will give you your results."

And the results are...

Everybody hopes to have a lot of trophies.

Best Countries

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Best Austria
Seth Vaughn
3-way draw
5 c.
39 pts

Best France
Doug Moore
3-way draw
15 c.
55 pts

Best Germany
David Maletsky
4-way draw
8 c.
41.69 pts

Best Russia
Doug Moore
3-way draw
10 c.
42 pts

Best Turkey
Roy Rink
4-way draw
17 c.
47.13 pts
Best England
Steve Emmert
3-way draw
14 c.
53.5 pts

Best Italy
Steve Emmert
4-way draw
9 c.
32.25 pts


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Players' choice
Roy Rink

Jeff Ladd

Silver Spike
Laurent Joly

Golden Blade
Edward Prem

And the winner is ...

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7th Mike Cannon 71.44 pts

6th Edward Prem 73.19 pts

5th Chris Martin 75.38 pts

4th Roy Rink 78.82 pts
3rd David Maletsky 84.13 pts
2nd Steve Emmert 85.75 pts

1st Doug Moore 97 pts

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