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Prezcon 2007

Day 1 : Friday
Day 2 : Saturday
Day 3 : Sunday
Did you check out or not ? Board 1 Board 2 During the Heat

Did you check out or not ?

Everybody is waiting for the beginning of the game.

Who is missing ?

Board 1

CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaEdward PREM3 c.S07
EnglandRoy RINK6 c.D431.692
FranceMike CANNON5 c.D430.944
GermanyDavid MALETSKY8 c.D441.691
ItaliaChristian PEDONE6 c.D431.692
RussiaLaurent JOLY2 c.S07
TurkeyRob LINK4 c.S07
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Not very simple this beginning of game.

Around the board from left to right, Roy, Christian (Standing), Ed, Rob, Mike and David.

Ready to read?

I have a lot of friends.

Surprise, I go through the stalemate :-)

The Western Triple and Italy VS Russia, Turkey and Austria.

It will be difficult to survive... But the 4-way draw are voted.

Board 2

CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRank
AustriaSeth VAUGHN5 c.D3393
EnglandCarl WILLNER0 c.L07
FranceDoug MOORE15 c.D3551
GermanyBrian LEE1 c.S07
ItaliaJeff LADD2 c.S07
RussiaChris BARFIELD2 c.S07
TurkeyChris MARTIN9 c.D3422
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Around the board from left to right : Jeff, Brian, Carl, Chris B., Chris M., Seth and Doug.

Andy, the eighth player of the board.

Carl and Chris are more active than Andy. ;-)

It's time to write your orders.

Chris and Chris are waiting for the reading of the orders.

We hope that Jeff will survive ;-)

Are you ok with my proposal?

Chris B. seems to think the game boring.

Doug votes and Chris M. drinks. ;-)

Chris B. votes and Doug eats.

It's time to stop and to eat quiet.

Everybody puts his second unit in the box.

But who votes against???

During the Heat

Tim : "Who is your favorite player ?"

David's waiting for the end of the second board.

Good Luck, Andy!

Ready to eat?

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