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Diplomacy Over the Lake 2007
by Laurent Joly

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Board 1 Board 2 After the games

Board 1 : Top Board

Country FirstName LastName SCs Score
Austria Giuseppe SALERNO 0 c. 0
England Gwen MAGGI 8 c. 49.05
France Riccardo SAVINI 9 c. 50.14
Germany Daniele BELARDINELLI 3 c. 16.35
Italy Giovanni CESARINI 5 c. 21.8
Russia Marco FERRARI 4 c. 19.62
Turkey Sergio LEBEDEV 5 c.29.43
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Board 2

Country FirstName LastName SCs Score
Black Alex LEBEDEV 11 c. 41.27
Red Filippo LUCCHINI 7 c. 20.64
Blue Marco NOSWDD PEDRAGLIO 9 c. 41.27
Green Riccardo CASTELLANI 0 c. 0.71
Gray Laurent JOLY 7 c. 24.46
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After the games

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