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Games in Oakland 2007
by Laurent Joly

Before the games Board 1 Board 2 After the games

Before the games

"Which country I will have ?"

Endgames is a shop in Oakland which hosts game or tournament of Diplomacy.

Board 1

Country FirstName LastName SCs Draw
Austria Eric LINDBERG 0 c. L
England Joseph PALMER 8 c. D5
France Nick BENDLER 7 c. D5
Germany Chris NICHOLSON 0 c. L
Italy Edi BIRSAN 7 c. D5
Russia Andy HULL 7 c. D5
Turkey Steve ROSS 5 c. D5
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Board 2

Country FirstName LastName SCs Draw
Austria Laurent JOLY 0 c. L
England Condy CREEK 5 c. D4
France Darin LEVILOFF 0 c. L
Germany Noah WHITMAN 7 c. D4
Italy Cody SICKINGER 9 c. D4
Russia Ethan SOLOMITA 0 c. L
Turkey Joshua SHANK 13 c. D4
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After the games

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