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Tournament's reports

DragonFlight 2007
by Laurent Joly

Saturday morning : Round 1
Saturday afternoon : Round 2
Sunday : Round 3 and Results

Board 1

Country FirstName LastName SCs Score Draw
Austria Tim HARRISON 0 c. 0.164 L
England Lionel LEVINE 0 c. 0.119 L
France Laurent JOLY 7 c. 15.12 D4
Germany Edi BIRSAN 9 c. 15.152 D4
Italy Chris BRAND 7 c. 15.177 D4
Russia Matt SHIELDS 4 c. 0.138 L
Turkey Brad BASDEN 7 c. 15.139 D4
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Tim Richardson and Brad Basden are talking.

Everybody are thinking around the board.

It's not so easy...

And suddenly Edi has an idea and he wants to explain it to Lionel. Be careful Lionel!

"Well... It will be difficult to save you"

Around the Board from left to right : Lionel Levine, Buz Eddy, Edi Birsan, Brad Basden, Chris Brand, Matt Shields, Tim Harrison.

"So. What is the plan ?"

It seems very interesting!

Brad Basden and Tim Harrison

Chris Brand, Buz Eddy and Brad Basden are watching the board.

Ready to read?

It's incredible the time that we can spend to look at the board.

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