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WorldDipCon 2007
by Laurent Joly

Who's who?
Day 1 : Thursday
Day 2 : Friday
Day 3 : Saturday
Day 4 : Sunday
The results
The Trophies The Awards The Best Countries The Best Team And the winner is... Some other pictures

The Trophies

The perpetual trophie of the WorldDipCon

The perpetual trophie of the WorldDipCon (by team)

Several awards

The Awards

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The Most Devilish...

...France-May Martel

The Best Knight is...

...Steve Cooley

The Best Viking is...

...David Norman

The Best Pirate is...

...Charles Roburn

The Hammered is...

...Micah Krabill

The Best Countries

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The Best Austria (16 centers, Win by concession) is ...

...Adam Silverman

The Best England (15 centers) is ...

...Andy Bartalone

The Best France (16 centers, Win by concession) is ...

...Doug Moore

The Best Germany (18 centers, Win) is ...

...Yann Clouet

The Best Italy (17 centers) is ...

...Steve Cooley

The Best Russia (18 centers, Win) is ...

...Mike Hall

The Best Turkey (15 centers, Win) is ...

...Eric Mead

The Best Team

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The Best Team is ...

... Overrated with Doug Moore, Chris Martin and Andy Bartalone.

Very nice smiles!

And the winner is...

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The winner of the WorldDipCon XVII ...

... and winner of the DipCon XL is ...

... Doug Moore.

Not too heavy, Doug?

Some Other Pictures

Charles Roburn is talking.

The youngest player, Anna Binder.

Smile for the camera!

Len Tennant

Philip Burk

Stephen Weingarten

Jake Mannix

Congratulations Rob (Stephenson) and Rob (Vollman), you saved a bird!

Don Williams loves the Red Sox.

"This is a cap for you, Eric!"

What happened Eric?

Andy Bartalone

Nathan is talking, not singing... but he can do it!

Chris Brand

Micah Krabill aka the unlucky (Sorry to have tried to kill you!)

What happens there??? Oh... It's the best team!!!!

Tom Kobrin, seventh of the tournament

Adam Silverman, sixth of the tournament

Dan Lester (still smiling), fifth of the tournament

Chris Martin (ready to dance), fourth of the tournament

Jake Mannix, second of the Tournament

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