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Tournament's reports

HuskyCon 2007
by Laurent Joly

A beautiful place
How we were hosted
We're playing to diplomacy
The other activities
The results
The results will arrive The Best countries The winner is...

The results will arrive

David Maletsky calls everybody.

Everyone is waiting for the results.

The Best countries

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Best Austria (12 centers, 6012 pts)
Emmanuel du Pontavice

Best England (16 centers, 7016 pts)
Peter McNamara

Best France (16 centers, 7016 pts)
David Norman

Best Germany (8 centers, 7008 pts)
David Maletsky

Best Austria (15 centers, 7015 pts)
Adam Sigal

Best Russia (14 centers, 7014 pts)
Conrad Woodring

Best Turkey (15 centers, 7015 pts)
Christian Pedone

The winner is...

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Third Place : Christopher Mann (16522 pts)

Second Place : Emmanuel du Pontavice (16525 pts)

First Place : David Maletsky (20027 pts)

The three best players with their husky.

Conrad brings his own trophie.

And Conrad wins Sitka!

But Chris doesn't want to trust his trophie.

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