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North American Grand Prix 2001
Tournament Director Buz EDDY
Number of players166 Nbr of steps34 FinishedYes
General classification Classification by Team History of the circuit Statistics


DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeRankScore
2001-01-01Corvallis Invasion (2001)CUP
2001-01-07Stratagem (2001)NDC
2001-02-01PrezCon (2001)CUP
2001-02-18DipCon 34 (2001)DIPCON29/6615
2001-03-01Vancouver Club Game 1 (2001)OPEN
2001-03-11PiggyBack (2001)CUP
2001-03-31Vancouver Club Game 2 (2001)OPEN
2001-03-31PTKS Club Game 1 (2001)OPEN
2001-04-21Portland Club Game 1 (2001)OPEN
2001-04-22PTKS Club Game 2 (2001)OPEN
2001-05-12Armada Club Game 1 (2001)OPEN
2001-05-26Vancouver Club Game 3 (2001)OPEN
2001-05-27Dixie 15 (2001)CUP
2001-05-27KublaCon (2001)CUP
2001-06-02Armada Club Game 2 (2001)OPEN
2001-06-03DipFest I (2001)CUP
2001-06-17PTKS Club Game 3 (2001)OPEN
2001-06-22Armada Club Game 3 (2001)OPEN
2001-07-01World Boardgaming Championships (2001)CUP
2001-07-08Victoria DipCon (2001)CUP
2001-07-15PTKS Club Game 4 (2001)OPEN
2001-07-21New England Club Game 1 (2001)OPEN
2001-07-22PTKS Club Game 5 (2001)OPEN
2001-08-01DipFest II (2001)CUP
2001-08-19CanCon (2001)CUP
2001-08-26DragonFlight (2001)CUP
2001-09-02Conquest (2001)CUP
2001-10-01Portland Club Game 2 (2001)OPEN
2001-10-01TactiCon (2001)CUP
2001-10-07Tempest in a teapot III (2001)CUP
2001-12-01New England Club Game 2 (2001)OPEN
2001-12-08Armada Club Game 4 (2001)OPEN
2001-12-16Seattle Club Game 1 (2001)OPEN
2001-12-29New England Club Game 3 (2001)OPEN

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