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AuthorMatt Shields Last Update2019-09-29
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Rank FirstName LastName Nat. Loc. Score
1Simon BOUTON87.81
2Edi BIRSAN85.55
3Tom KOBRIN84.73
4Brian DENNEHY83.43
5Frank JOHANSEN82.77
6Gwen MAGGI82.37
7Jerry FEST81.80
8Niclas PEREZ80.11
9Le´ S──RLAINEN79.83
10Simon FAGERSTEDT79.69
11Andrew NEUMANN79.01
12Christian DREYER78.85
13Edward HAWTHORNE78.80
14Phil DAY78.59
15Demis HASSABIS78.05
16Benoţt CLERGEOT78.05
17Yann CLOUET77.71
18Andy MARSHALL77.54
19Eric MEAD76.81
20Tommy LARSSON76.36
22Mark WIGHTMAN75.92
23Doug MOORE75.85
24Philippe MERLET75.64
25Vick HALL75.26
26Craig SEDGWICK74.74
27Geoff BACHE74.41
28Per NORMAN74.14
29Cyrille SEVIN74.04
30Jake MANNIX73.94
31Vidar AMBROSIANI73.84
32Henrik ANDERSSON73.81
33Simon GAUCHOT73.26
34William ATTIA73.08
35Karl STENGARD73.07
36Dave HORTON72.87
37Arnaud BOIREL72.60
38Thomas PASKO72.32
39Fearghal O'DONNCHU72.04
40Vincent MOUS71.89
41Sean CABLE71.80
42Jeff DWORNICKI71.75
43Guillaume VUILLIN71.62
44Sid-Ahmed SEDJAI71.60
45Ivan WOODWARD71.40
46Shane CUBIS71.17
47Douglas MASSIE70.92
48Richard WILLIAMS70.77
49Arnaud DAINA70.40
50Shlomi YAAKOBOVITCH70.38

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