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Date Country Name of the tournament Type Nbr Players Coeff1
2005-12-28Trophée Ludopolys 2005CUP125.43
2005-12-18DipLyon 2005NCUP176.86
2005-12-17NK Voorronde Leeuwarden 2005CUP166.57
2005-12-11MilanCon II 2005NDC3712.57
2005-12-04GongCon 2005CUP156.29
2005-12-01WitsCon 2005CUP63.71
2005-11-19GenCon SoCal 2005CUP176.86
2005-11-13MidCon 2005NDC104.86
2005-11-13Joutes du Téméraire 2005CUP218.00
2005-11-13Carnage on the mountain 2005CUP84.29
2005-11-06BoruCon VI 2005NDC74.00
2005-11-05Borås Spelkonvent 23 2005CUP73.00
2005-10-30XXIème Championnat de France 2005NDC12315.00
2005-10-30BADAss Whipping 2005CUP248.86
2005-10-22Psychocon 2005CUP73.00
2005-10-09Tournoi de Reims 2005CUP3010.57
2005-10-09NK Voorronde Utrecht 2005CUP146.00
2005-10-09DragonFlight 2005CUP187.14
2005-10-02The Don Challenge Cup 2005CUP135.43
2005-10-02Mind Sports Olympiad 2005NDC228.29
2005-09-24Anjou Feu I 2005CUP146.00
2005-09-18Ière Coupe de la Méditerranée 2005CUP269.43
2005-09-11Coupe du Dragon 2005CUP187.14
2005-09-11New Zealand Championships 2005NDC84.29
2005-09-06Conquest 2005CUP238.57
2005-09-04Swedish NDC 2005NDC259.14
2005-08-21GenCon Indianapolis 2005CUP3812.86
2005-08-21HuskyCon 2005CUP279.71
2005-08-20Mind Sports Olympiad 2005CUP3.00
2005-08-20Amicale de Colombes 2005CUP166.57
2005-08-07Felix Austria 2005NDC3913.14
2005-07-31World DipCon XV 2005WDC8320.00
2005-07-17ManorCon 23 2005CUP4013.43
2005-07-17Auckland Championship 2005CUP74.00
2005-07-11IIIè Open du FLIP 2005CUP218.00
2005-07-03IVème Coupe de Bruxelles 2005CUP207.71
2005-07-02Origins 2005CUP3311.43
2005-06-26RheinCon 2005CUP3812.86
2005-06-26Dip in the Ocean 2005CUP238.57
2005-06-26 Championnat d'Ile-de-France 2005CUP5815.00
2005-06-25Arcon XXI 2005NDC218.00
2005-06-13New South Wales Championships 2005CUP248.86
2005-06-12Euro DipCon XIII 2005EDC7015.00
2005-05-30KublaCon 2005CUP4013.43
2005-05-28IIème Tournoi du Luxembourg 2005CUP248.86
2005-05-27Dixie 19 2005CUP3211.14
2005-05-22IIème Rencontres Alsaciennes 2005CUP166.57
2005-05-15XIIème DiploNam 2005NDC197.43
2005-05-15San Marino Con 2005NDC3110.86
2005-05-08Odyssée Metz 2005CUP135.71

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