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Date Country Name of the tournament Type Nbr Players Coeff1
2009-12-20XXVème Championnat de France 2009NDC7215.00
2009-12-19Coupe de Paris de Blitz 2009CUP336.71
2009-12-06The Don Challenge Cup 2009CUP176.86
2009-11-29Open de Gascogne 2009NCUP218.00
2009-11-15HessenCon 2009CUP197.43
2009-11-15MidCon 2009NDC94.57
2009-11-08Carnage on the mountain 2009CUP197.43
2009-10-25Legatio in Urbe 2009CUP156.29
2009-10-18Coupe du Dragon 2009NDC/CUP218.00
2009-10-11Tempest in a teapot XI 2009CUP4514.86
2009-10-10Championnat d'Ile-de-France 2009CUP2910.29
2009-10-04Sydney Diplomacy Challenge 2009CUP238.57
2009-10-04Buckeye Game Fest X 2009CUP94.57
2009-09-27Pisa 2009NDC84.29
2009-09-19Weasel Moot III 2009CUP3812.86
2009-09-06Conquest 2009CUP279.71
2009-08-30Auckland Championship 2009CUP166.57
2009-08-16Moscon I 2009NDC156.29
2009-08-10GenCon Indianapolis 2009CUP3411.71
2009-08-09Felix Austria 2009NDC197.43
2009-08-02Euro DipCon XVII 2009EDC2910.29
2009-07-26HuskyCon 2009CUP5015.00
2009-07-25BaltiCon 2009NDC/CUP146.00
2009-07-19ManorCon 27 2009CUP84.29
2009-07-13VIIè Open du FLIP 2009CUP207.71
2009-07-12Utrecht Diplomacy Tournament 2009CUP156.29
2009-06-28World DipCon XIX 2009WDC/DIPCON5320.00
2009-06-21Melbourne Diplomacy Open 2009CUP166.57
2009-06-21Massacre 2009CUP218.00
2009-06-14BerliCon 2009NDC/CUP176.86
2009-06-14Diplomacy Over The Lake 2009CUP156.29
2009-06-01Trou Normand II 2009CUP259.14
2009-05-24Chill out con 2009CUP166.57
2009-05-24LinCon 2009CUP115.14
2009-05-24Dixie 23 2009CUP228.29
2009-05-24KublaCon 2009CUP197.43
2009-05-17San Marino Con 2009NDC166.57
2009-05-16Tournoi des Rencontres Ludiques de Bretagne 2009CUP73.00
2009-05-03Queensland Championships 2009CUP84.29
2009-05-03Odyssée Metz 2009CUP74.00
2009-04-19BADAss Whipping 2009CUP2810.00
2009-04-19CODCon Open 2009CUP228.29
2009-04-18Open de Paris 2009CUP94.57
2009-04-12GothCon XXXII 2009CUP187.14
2009-03-29National Block Party 2009CUP125.43
2009-03-15Terni 2009CUP156.29
2009-02-28PrezCon 2009CUP94.57
2009-02-22Anjou Feu V 2009CUP166.57
2009-02-21New Zealand Championships 2009NDC74.00
2009-02-15Coppa Garibaldi 2009CUP115.14

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