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League of the Cambridge Diplomacy Society 2001
Tournament DirectorCambridge University Diplomacy Society Scoring System
In ProgressNo PlaceCambridge
Number of players22 Number of boards24
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award ---
Detail of each board History of the league Statistics of the boards Statistics

Coeff : 1 Board : 11
TournamentFriendlyTop boardNo

CountryFirstName LastNameScoreRankSCsYear of destruction
Daliriada Johannes NORDSTROM 63.93 3 8 c.  
East Anglia Andrew SPRAY 85.82 1 10 c.  
Gwynedd Rafe BLANDFORD 75.98 2 9 c.  
Kernow Tony EVANS 50.17 6 6 c.  
Leinster Tim REDDING 58.16 42ex 7 c.  
Mercia David KNIPE 13.99 9 0 c. 1904
Northumbria Eric SCHULER 58.16 42ex 7 c.  
Pictland Jack RUDD 24.35 7 2 c.  
Wessex David TILL 19.43 8 1 c.  

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