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YearCountryName of the leaguePlaceNbr PlayersNbr BoardsFinished
2005Défi Paris DiploParis222134Yes
2006Défi Paris DiploParis199120Yes
2007Défi Paris DiploParis13966Yes
2017The Windy City WeaselsChicago8444Yes
2012The Windy City WeaselsChicago8244Yes
2011The Windy City WeaselsChicago6441Yes
2003League of the Cambridge Diplomacy SocietyCambridge3940Yes
1983Ligue Paris-AJTParis3540Yes
2010The Windy City WeaselsChicago6335Yes
2014The Windy City WeaselsChicago5931Yes
2016The Windy City WeaselsChicago5830Yes
1999New Zealand Club GameNew Zealand7030Yes
2015The Windy City WeaselsChicago7228Yes
2002The Joker CompetitieUtrecht8428Yes
2000New Zealand Club GameNew Zealand6028Yes
2013The Windy City WeaselsChicago6027Yes
2002New York City GameNew York5927Yes
2009The Windy City WeaselsChicago6126Yes
2004League of the Cambridge Diplomacy SocietyCambridge5026Yes
2003The Joker CompetitieUtrecht7424Yes
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