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Christian KLINE
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NameScoreInternational rankNational rank
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating63.5657/250032/1288
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201667.2039/350017/1642
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201558.91101/350047/1503
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201454.79153/413465/1688
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201360.9785/431338/1688
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201262.4783/462938/1752
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201159.18132/483549/1724
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201061.88112/500740/1715
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 200960.08131/510044/1735
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 200853.38252/506585/1657
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 200745.30640/5020221/1566
World Performance Evaluation429.50172/371355/1292
World Performance Evaluation 2020158.609/1274/77
World Performance Evaluation 201922.5085/16546/89
World Performance Evaluation 201877.0019/13714/99
World Performance Evaluation 201713.5097/13762/91
World Performance Evaluation 201685.0018/13311/96
World Performance Evaluation 201558.2545/20520/98
World Performance Evaluation 201222.0088/16545/83
World Performance Evaluation 200947.0078/23828/89
World Performance Evaluation 200872.0050/24017/87
World Performance Evaluation 20078.00228/29168/99

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