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Tempest in a Teapot XVI 2014
Date October 10-12, 2014 Place Rosslyn
Tournament Director Peter YEARGIN Scoring System Square
Number of players 28 Number of rounds3 Number of boards10
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics
Step of the following circuits
North American Grand Prix 2014
Note: Peter Yeargin ineligible for awards as Tournament Director

Tournament scored best 2 of 3 rounds

Country Kind of Tournament

DateCountryName of the tournamentTypePlaceNbr PlayersNbr RoundsNbr BoardsFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.
2020-10-18Virtual-Tempest 2020CUPVirtual Tournament - Potomac Tea & Knive Society41210Andrei GRIBAKOV
2019-10-13Tempest in a teapot 2019CUPWashington DC2036Graham WOODRING
2018-10-07World DipCon XXVIII 2018WDCWashington945Andrew GOFF
2016-10-09Tempest in a Teapot XVIII 2016CUPSilver Spring42314Jeff LADD
2015-10-11Tempest in a Teapot XVII 2015CUPSilver Spring39314Chris BARFIELD
2014-10-12Tempest in a Teapot XVI 2014CUPRosslyn28310Andy BARTALONE
2013-10-13DipCon 46 2013DIPCON/CUPRosslyn, VA33Nathan COCKERILL
2012-10-07Tempest in a teapot XIV 2012CUPSilver Spring1635Chris MARTIN
2011-10-02Tempest in a teapot XIII 2011CUPCrowne Plaza Silver Spring2538David MALETSKY
2010-10-17Tempest in a teapot XII 2010CUPFalls Church30310Andy BARTALONE
2009-10-11Tempest in a teapot XI 2009CUPFalls Church45315Andy BARTALONE
2008-10-12DipCon 41 2008DIPCONTysons Corner51422Chris MARTIN
2007-10-07Tempest in a teapot IX 2007CUPFalls Church, Virginia41315Chris MAZZA
2006-10-08Tempest in a teapot VIII 2006CUPWoodbridge2438Chris MARTIN
2005-07-31World DipCon XV 2005WDCWashington83537Frank JOHANSEN
2004-08-15Tempest in a teapot VI 2004CUPHunts Valley56318Andy BARTALONE
2003-10-10DipCon 36 2003DIPCONWashington64428Edward HAWTHORNE
2002-10-13Tempest in a teapot IV 2002CUPWashington45317Conrad WOODRING
2001-10-07Tempest in a teapot III 2001CUPLaurel, MA48316Tom KOBRIN
2000-10-08Tempest in a teapot II 2000CUPWashington21Rob COCHRAN
1999-11-01Tempest in a teapot I 1999CUPWashington2238Jason MCCONNEY

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